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A huge classic track from Belgium! This one of the most well known New Beat Track!


Confetti’s was a Belgian New Beat band from the 1980s.
Producers were Serge Ramaekers and Dominique Sas, sometimes credited as The Maxx (not the same as Maxx, a shorter-lived German project from mid-90s). On stage Confetti’s was fronted by singer Peter Renkens and female dancers Marleen, Tania, Hilde and Daniëlla. The band became one of the first to break through into mainstream music as a New Beat act. Their most successful period was 1988/1989 with international hits like "The Sound Of C" and "C In China". Other releases were "Keep Smiling", "C Countdown", "C Day Live" and "Circling Stars". One year after releasing their last single "Put ‘M Up" in 1990, the Confetti’s withdrew from the spotlight.


The C in their first release "The Sound Of C" stands for the Belgian club Confetti’s in Brasschaat, near Antwerp. Serge Ramaekers and Dominique Sas were working on a marketing campaign to gain more publicity for the club. One of the barmen at Confetti’s (Peter Renkens) became the face of the marketing campaign, which included the single "The Sound Of C". To shoot a music video the band was dropped at the main shopping street in Antwerp De Meir and performed "The Sound Of C" in front of hundred citizens passing by. Due to the success of the first single, a live act was put together and Confetti’s traveled the world to promote their New Beat music. On stage singer Peter was always wearing a captain uniform. The dress code for New Beat was black & white clothes combined with childish accessories. In 1989 they released their only album "92… Our First Album"light.


Confetti's is also an Alias of Highstreet, other New Beat band I'have already talked about.


Release date: 1988

Label: USA Import Music

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