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Day 75 | Apparat - Useless Information [Shitkatapult - 2007]


Apparat (Sasha Ring) is one of my favorite artist (yes another one), I discover his work in 2006 with is maxi "Berlin, Montreal, Tel Aviv" on his label Shitkatapult. The same year he release a huge album with Ellen Allien: "Orchestra Of Bubble" on her label Bpitch control ... 3 years after that he release another huge collabortion album with his old friends from Modeselektor under the named Moderat (Modeselektor + Apparat)...

I will talked about these 2 collaborations sooner...

Between these 2 releases, he made his 4th album: Walls. I took this track, but it was hard to choose, for me the whole album is very good.

Hope you will like it to !


Release date: 2007/05

Label: Shitkatapult

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