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Day 73 | Tricky - Nothing Matters [False idols - 2013]

18 years after is epic album Maxinquaye, Tricky is finaly back!

The soul of Massive Attack, pionner of Trip Hop in the 90's was not in great shpe lately, his latest albums where just average, far away from Maxinquaye ... As he is no longuer in contract with his previous label, he decided to start producing his music on his own new label: False Idiot wich is is also the name of his new album!

Nothing matters is a good track to show the rebirth of Tricky, we can hear some reminiscicent from the past , but in a fresh and good way ...

If all the tracks are not as good as this one (there are still some tracks neither good nor bad), most of them are really good, but you should make your own opinion and have a hear to the full album.


Release date: 2013/05/28

Label: False idols

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