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Day 67 | Marlon Hoffstadt - Girl (feat Steve Bone) [Off Recordings - 2013]


After a phenomenal start in 2012 Marlon Hoffstadt is back for more. Last year Marlon had his first release on Evamore Music. This year he already had two releases on Keno Records and WellDone! Music, and there is more to come soon.

Besides the completion of his collaboration with David Keno last year, which will be released in 2013, Marlon started another ambitious project.
When he met singer and producer HRRSN in September 2012, they very soon finished their first promising tracks and they were sure about working together in the future.
Now, five months later, after a lot of work, Marlon Hoffstadt & HRRSN are proud to release their debut EP at 20th March 2013 on Marlon’s own Label WellDone! Music.

In May they had released their track “Once Again” on a Stil vor Talent compilation and one month later their second EP on the same label.
Furthermore their track “All Falls Down” will be released on a Suol Music compilation.

Besides his collaboration with HRRSN Marlon will also release solo work and remixes on labels such as Play It Down...


Release date: 2013/05/07

Label: Off Recordings

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