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Day 58 | Rampue - Don't Wanna Leave you (Nicone & Sascha Braemer Remix)


“Oh awesome that’s the kind of sound he’s making now?“

This is pretty much the reaction when somebody hears Rampue’s “Sonne, Mond und Sterni“ for the first time. A hit. Yes, Audiolith, Rampue, it was once all very different but after endless searching he has found his sound. You don’t need to ask him what it is, you can just simply hear it. Rampue’s sound is like Berlinsound in snuggly summer 2011 and when you dance to his live sets you have to close your eyes and let a quiet groan escape as you experience what Rampue has created between the soul vocals, bass and pinpoint high hat. You have to avoid meaningless genre labelling as Rampue is so much more than Keta-Disco and Dicsco-House and is continually searching for something more.


This time Rampue  sort a huge deep single on Miami label: Groove On which as released tracks for nearly 20 years now with artists such as Mood II Swing, George Morel, Kings of Tomorow...)


Release date: 2013/02/21

Label: Groove On

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