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Day 55 | Sharam Jey & Night Talk - On the floor


Fifth release from Spanish label Suara I will talk about since the begining of this year! This shows how I appreciate this label !


DJ, producer, label maker - Sharam Jey from Cologne, Germany, is a real allrounder. As a true lover of music and artist he uses any chance he gets to bring his music closer to clubbers all around the world.

Sharam Jey's roots may be in soul music but he gained stage experience as a singer for a rock band. At the same time his Djing skills became hugely popular on the party scene and amongst his friends. His Djing started out as a part-time gig but soon turned into a passion when Sharam discovered his love for house & techno in the early 90s and from then on he played nothing but dance music.

Today, 10 years later, his name has become an international synonym for pumping Electrohouse music that just can't be categorized. Uplifting Funky sounds? Grooving minimal tracks? Breax? Narrow, departmental thinking is definitely not Sharam's thing. He is only interested in the quality of the tracks and if they can rock the dance floor. Especially in the UK, Sharam is an immensely popular DJ. But not only that, his calendar is fully booked with regular gigs all over the world.

As a DJ he soon learned which tracks are guaranteed to really set the dance floor on fire. This knowledge resulted in the first remixes and other own productions in the mid-90's which were very well received by both clubbers and critics.
After his remix of Cafè Del Mar's "Energy 52" was voted "Best Dance Track Of All Time" (Mixmag), Sharam went on to remix the likes of Moby, Mylo, Faith No More, Faithless, Salt N Peppa, Warren G. and loads more. This is in addition to over 50 own releases on labels like Underwater Records, Hooj Choons, Airtight, Four Twenty, Ink records........

Releases on well-known labels like these are an honour in themselves but Sharam didn't stop there. In early 2001 he decided to create his own platform for his music - King Kong Records. His motto is: No compromises! With his own label, Sharam Jey can finally realize all his ideas and dreams - from sound to art work right thru to packaging. The label is now well established and successful.

After all those releases in years, finally his debut artist album "4 Da Loverz" was released worldwide on Underwater Records in 2005. It achieved amazing reviews and even got him on the cover of the famous DJ Magazine. That same year a successful compilation "Episode 04" with Darren Emerson, head of Underwater Records, was published.


Sharam Jey is the current king of the indie house music. His collabs with Phonique, Kolombo, Tapesh, Andre Crom or his solo productions have conquered the dancefloor of many clubs around the World.  This track is his 2nd release on Suara, after the massive "Lies", featured on Kitties Wanna Dance 3.


Release date: 2013/02/04

Label: Suara

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