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Day 54 | Felix Da Housecat - Sinner Winner


"Felix Da Housecat is back with his first original material in almost four year and he’s got one goal in mind – make thousands of asses shake in unison!

The ‘Sinner Winner’ EP is the first taste of this sizzling new material, serving up two markedly different tracks.

‘Give Me Body’ is a rampant electro-disco workout, camp as you like and brimming over with effervescent energy. An infectious vocal, trumpet and bass loop works its slinky way around Felix’s sharp, dramatic live percussion and intense filters, coming across somewhere between Daft Punk and Sylvester.

“I love my ‘70s / ‘80s disco and haven’t done a track in this vein in ages,” says Felix, “so I figured I would do something hooky and fun! It’s not rocket science… when we dancing in them clubs we all want a lil’ BODY!”


Concept tracks are usually contrived rubbish, but ‘Sinner Winner’ pulls it off in serious style. This delicious yarn is spun through a slow-building crescendo of offbeat claps and niggling synths before a supremely funky and crisp bassline arpeggio slams its way in. Tense organs and warped vocal edits heighten the chaotic atmosphere, making for a unique romp through the deranged mind of this inimitable legend. It’s that description, which made Green Velvet want to jump on board for a very special remix — watch this space!

Felix explains his vision: “Basically in thee night-time fun world, we all find ourselves sinnin’, so I had this idea of a preacher from the South in thee deep bible district finding his way into sinner clubland. He grabs the mic and just starts ranting, but then all of a sudden the pastor gets caught up in thee nightlife fun world… and start becoming a hypocrite!”."

Source: http://wearebpm.com


For me it's a huge track to begin a set, the begining of the preach remind me of James Brown speach in Blues Brothers Movie : Here


Release date: 2013/03/18

Label: No Shame / Rude Photo

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