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Day 52 | Fatboy Slim - Right here right now (Coyu remix)


Back in 1998, Fat Boy Slim AKA Norman Cook (real name Quentin Leo Cook) release one of the most celebrate Skint records tracks off all time: "Right Here, Right Now"

This year Coyu, "masters of cats" head of Suara, made a huge remix of this track!

Coyu takes the iconic string / sitar loop, laces it with a shimmering hi-hat rhythm over a pounding kick drum and punctuates it with choral stabs, to create a funked up club banger that manages to retain all the drama of the original. Take that dance floor; see if you can better this. Hands will be lifted, feet will be stomped and parties will peak.


Incluided as #1 on "10 Must Hear Tech House Tracks" on Beatport


Release date: 2013/02/11

Label: Skint Records

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