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Day 42 | Rudy's Midnight Machine - Let it happen


Rudy's Midnight Machine offer up their latest release on FAR with special guest Zeke Manyika featured on vocal duties.

For those that remember, Zekes Afro inflected chants featured on Faze Actions Kariba and he subsequently toured with the Faze Action live show across the globe culminating with a legendary performance at Glastonbury. Here he has teamed up with the other half of Faze Action, namely cello playing bassist and string arranger, Robin Lee, to deliver a slice of gritty boogie styled funk with stuttering percussive vocals, elasticated bass, cutting guitars not to mention an earthy slap bass break down that harks back to the golden age of jazz funk with added modern edge. Work It, manages to take the sound of eighties house music and fuse it, ingeniously, with a modern stripped out deep house sound. With an impossibly hooky analogue bass and a hint of quirky vocals, this track wants you to work it out in a sweaty darkened basement at 4 in the morning.


Release date: 2013/02/18

Label: Faze Action Records

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