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Day 40 | Martin Brodin - Oh yeah (The Glimmers remix)


We’re getting close now for the release of Martin Brodin’s debut album on MB Disco. This is actually the final one before we see the album coming out on March 29.

So what’s it all about?

Oh Yeah is a main room banger with storming guitars, bassline and vocals to match. If you sense a slight influence of I.N.X.S, well then you’re right.

Here we have a remix by one of Belgium’s finest, The Glimmers.They’re one of the artists that’s been around longest in the so called Nu-Disco scene. They took the best parts of the original and added their trademark sound to it with a quicker tempo and a slightly edgier feel to it.

Also available on vinyl


Release date: 2013/02/15

Label: MB Disco

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