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Day 39 | Crono - Palazzo d'inverno (Fairmont remix)

For Their first release in 2013, Correspondant Label welcome their first Italian artist: Crono.

'Palazzo D'Inverno' takes reference to the official residence of the Tzar, that was built by the Italian architect Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli. It is an enigmatic arpeggiated trip that carries us into the utopian landscapes of long-forgotten sounds and imageries. It is an epic track of nostalgique elegance. It's elevating sounds and melodic composition make it the perfect soundtrack for a Fantastic movie scene. Fairmont, long time friend and one of our favorite producers (who also just released his highly praised album "Automaton" on the canadian imprint My Favorite Robot), twists the original track into a futuristic and psychedelic journey by adding spacey keyboards and an obsessive bassline.


Release date: 2013/01/14

Label: Correspondant

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