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Welcome to my brand new Blog, I have changed a few things, in fact I have changed the whole site. I have been busy lately with lots of sets to do on radios, this mean to many mix to podcast!


Starting from now, you will find every month only one mix I have selected for you and a guest mix I used to broadcast in my show on Mix Industry.

If you want to hear more mix you just have to listen to my shows on the different  radios (see in the Agenda part).


On the other hand I will make 2 track review every days.

- The morning review will be dedicated to recent release.

- The afternoon review is dedicated to Retro tracks, mostly House & New Beat, put it could be Techno or Sunth Pop, just have a look and you will know.



If you like the tracks, do not hesitate to like & share !

See you



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