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The New Elastics is the new alias of one of the most charismatic USA artists of the last decade, a very polifacetic artist who prefers to don't reveal his name.Just A Word" is his first track with the new alias.
Mastercat Coyu heard the tune in a club of San Francisco and felt in love. Now is in our catalogue! "It's Just A Word" is an epic crossover between modern techno and 70's progressive rock, a magnifique and original song that will blow your mind.
This remix duties come from Kellerkind. Swiss born and Stir Vol Talent usual act Kellerkind, brings his undoubtable deep & disco touch with a super sexy remix. A very versatile and eclectic release, just what the kitties love!


Release date: 2012/11/05
Label: Suara









Tag(s) : #Tracks, #The New Elastics, #Suara, #Kellerkind, #2012
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