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Dubai’s Audio Tonic Records brings us a fresh track from German duo Kruse & Nurnberg.
Audio Tonic Records launched in late 2011 and has released cuts from some esteemed producers in the world of underground electronic music, such as Jimpster, Ian Pooley, Tom Middleton and Florian Kruse.

The track opens with with a peak time energy, built around a penetrating hooky bass and warm synth lines that are seemingly ever evolving throughout the tracks duration, the pair constantly tweak the envelopes of the key elements creating a blossoming, progressive vibe. The result is a tasteful, driving record designed for the dance floor.

This is yet another fine example of why Kruse & Nurnberg are in such high demand as of late, delivering heady house music stamped with some signature touches.


Release date: 2013/02/04

Label: Audio Tonic Records

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