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Fad Gadget (Francis John "Frank" Tovey) was a British musician and vocalist.

He was the first signing on Mute Records with the release of his debut single, the ground breaking 'Back To Nature' in October 1979. Iin 1984, he dropped the stage name and started recording under his real name. The release of The Best of Fad Gadget in 2001 and him supporting Depeche Mode on their Exciter Tour should have helped to revive his career as Fad Gadget, but he died April 3rd 2002 at his home in London of a heart attack at the age of 45.

Lady Shave is a typical New wave / Synth-Pop track. Thanks to my brother,  I used to hear this quite often when I was a child, This was also played a lat during the New Beat period in Belgium.



Release date:1981

Label: Mute

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