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To begin the week, we start with a Nu-Disco track from Swedish producer Drop Out Orchestra.


This track receive support from many DJ's such as: Ashley Beedle, Horse Meat Disco, Leo Zero, Pete Herbert, Rahaan, Jacques renault, DJ Rocca, DJ Harri, Bill Brewster, Bonar Bradberry, Futuredisco, Faith, Kiko Navarro, DJ Agent 69, Beaten Space Probe, Yam Who?, DJ Brka, Leftside Wobble, Sleazy Beats, Downtown Party Network, Get Down Edits, Project Tempo, LTJ Xperience and many more...


Release date: 2013/01/22

Label: File Under Disco

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Tag(s) : #Tracks, #Drop Out Orchestra, #Ron Basejam, #File Under Disco, #2013
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