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Greeko is one of the new undisputed talents of the Italian scene. Innovator of the beats, dry and firm, merged with dark sounds and fuzzy vocals, something that you surely didn't hear often. He has been played and supported by top djs like Richie Hawtin, Davide Squillace, Dubfire, Luciano, Supernova and many more big names. He made his first appearences on Yuma Recordings, top Italian label, which gives him the chances and the support for his productions. A kid grown up on the dancefloor takin' the best of it, with its multiple influences from Jazz to hip hop and rhythms of techno detroit. A sound that starts from the past, lead to the present, and pointing forward to the future. (source RA)


Here Greejo give us a pumpin Tech House track on Spanish Label Sincopat.


Release date: 2013/01/14

Label: Sincopat

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