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We continue with New Beat tracks review.

Bassline Boys was a Belgian band of the late 80's. Warbeat is their first single, theys had sample somedeclarations from World War 2, they put together with Acid / New Beat sounds and Basseline. We can hear for exemple, this statement from Wiston Churchill "Give us the tools, and we will finish the job" and the Name of Adolf Hitler amongst others.


This track got a bad press, In Christophe Dechavanne French TV Show "Ciel mon mardi".  For this Show, Dechavanne made a report on Acid house / New beat music, and to illustrate it they went to a club in North of France called « La Pyramide ».


In This report we can see young people dressed in nazis uniforms making a "Choregraphy" in wich they do the nazi salute.

This made a very bad press to the Bassline Boys who was not aware of what people have made with their song and had no link with them. Bassline Boys were accused by Dechavanne to make nazi appology (despite the fact that the chorus of the song is "Adolf adolf you're going to pay").


They asked for a right to reply, wich was denied. So they decide to make another track "On se calme" in wich they had sample statements from dechavanne and his TV show!


Here are links to this "Demagogic" Show.

Part 1

Part 2



Release date: 1989

Label: Sound Of Belgium

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