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6 by 6 are Eric Gooden & Eric Powell they are also the fuunders of Manchester Label Bush records in 1993.

I have more informations about Tall Pall real name Paul Newman :)
He started to play in the Turnmills (London) thanks to his father, who bought this club in 1985. However, he soon showed everybody what he was able to do with 2 vinyls in the "after" sessions of such legendary club. Since then, he doesn't stop: he had a residency in Zap, London's Gardening Club... and many other. In fact, by now he has played in the main locations of USA, Canada, Australia, Brasil or Ibiza.

In the studio, Paul Newman published his very first album in '92, a white label called "Love Rush", which has reedited one year later by Hooj Choons. With Red Jerry (foundator of this label) created together "Rok Da House", a number 11 in the elite top dance charts in England, after being reedited by VC in 1997.
As a producer, he worked in Camisra's "Let me show you", which was the #5 in charts. After that, he was overasked to remix: Duran Duran, Nalin & Kane, Bizarre Inc, Dina Carrol and Blondie were only a few names.
As it was a natural evoltion, he started his own label "Duty Free", which uses to publish Paul's tracks as well as Robbie Rivera, Dj Lottie and Dave Aude ones. (source: Discogs)


Between Progressive Trance and House this track used to make people dance as i have seen it years ago. The other side and the remix by Mark NRG is also a real good one, I will talked about it another day.



Release date:1996

Label: 6x6 Records

Buy it










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