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A huge classic tune composed by CJ Bolland (I already talk about him as Space Opera) and remix By Armand Van Helden.


Van Helden is an American Dj & Producer born in Boston in 1970.
His first big underground hit was scored late 1994 with Witch Doktor, a mysterious, dark and hypnotic composition.
After a couple of succesful remixes for Kim English and Daft Punk  among others, he unintentionally kickstarted the genre known as "speed garage" this track and others such as: Professional Widow by Tori Amos, Runaway by Nuyorican Soul and Spin Spin Sugar by the Sneaker Pimps.

He start being famous with his production The Funk Phenomena in 1996 wich made Van Helden the most requested DJ of the time.
He then continue his succes story with tracks such as You Don't Know Me (1999), My My My (2004)...
In 2009 he started a new House project with A-Trak: Duck Sauce wich is well known for their international hit : Barbra Streisand!


This tune as sampled another track release on Stricktly rythm the year before: The Krimp - Get Up


Release date:1996


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