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Style: Deep House

Release date: 2010/11/29

Label: Rebirth


Rebirth Records celebrates the 50th release with something really special Tevo Howard can be surely defined as the new unsung hero of Chicago House Music ! Born and raised in the city that saw the birth of house music, Tevo Howard caught the mixing bug at an early age via his older brother, taking advantage of easy access to his decks throughout his teenage years and securing residencies at local clubs by the time he was just sixteen. He went to Gramaphone and Wax Trax Records to buy records with his daily lunch money. Music has always been in his family; his father Rick, currently living in Berlin, is a blues and jazz artist and has been a great influence for Tevo and featured in a lot of his records. Tevos music is injecting full-blooded soul into a scene that risks to sound flat and two-dimensional. He says House music has a living, breathing soul. That soul will always exist in some form. Without Me is a beautiful emotional track that channels the raw spirit of Tevos hometown Chicago with dirty synth basslines, strings, and a super-hypnotic piano theme ! It became a classic at Panoramabar since it came out in 2008 on Tevo's Beautiful Granville Records. Rebirth picked it up and now is ready to release it with an haunting vocal from the amazing Tracey Thorn. English pop singer and songwriter, Tracey has been making music professionally for nearly thirty years, since 1980 when her group The Marine Girls released their debut album. Best known as being one half of the duo Everything but the Girl (alongside her husband Ben Watt), and for her collaborations with Massive Attack, she has just released her third solo album Love and its Opposite on Strange Feeling / Buzzin Fly Records.Tracey really liked the track and came up with a special song. Timeless vocals and beautiful melodies, she has been such an inspiration for all of us ! Tevo Howard says Through my eyes Tracey Thorns vocals concretes the fairly mono-tonal composition that i set out to create in Without me. Entirely Thorn addresses the emotion and lyric-content that i imagined as an artist, which proves to me once again that she is one of the greatest singers of all times. On the remix front Marcus Worgull and Dixon strip the vocals back and deliver a fantastic warm hypnotic dub with their typical Innervisions vibe. The image for the artwork has been produced by the talented painter Markus Kiniger.


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