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Day 124 | Timewarp Inc - Ghetto Drunk (feat Tonkin) [Timewarp Music - 2013]


Style: Nu Disco

Release date: 2013/02/18

Label: Timewarp Music

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Timewarp inc returns with his third full length album "Ghetto Drunk", after a long period (over four years ago) since the previous successful album "Groovy Booty" back in 2008. The story of modern nufunk, broken beats, nu disco, nujazz and dub, all mixed up together, that's Timewarp's sound signature, continues with new material that will give you a true experience between contemporary music to dance electronica, for maximum listening pleasure, not only for clubs and bars but also for your lounge sofa. The album contains sixteen tracks with some interesting great collaborations, with the Dutch vocalist Tonkin on the self titled and intoxicated Ghetto Drunk song.





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