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Day 118 | Rampa - Where Did I Go Wrong (feat S.Y.F.) [Defected - 2013]


Style: Deep House

Release date: 2013/08/05

Label: Defected

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It has now become common knowledge that Rampa has built a reputation as someone who puts out quality vocal house tracks, and what better way to reinforce that by teaming up with SYF from Azari & III. The German's release features two fresh tracks, the Original Mix and his Ramp Club Mix. The original initiates with Starving Yet Full's instantly recognizable voice before building up into a cool drop where we witness this Berlin based producer's production prowess with his ability to develop a serious groove with subtle bursts of bass and prominent hi-hats. The Ramp Club Mix takes on a different vibe as the track bursts into life instantaneously with a far more lively and percussive introduction. A groovy bassline is later introduced and then hot on the heels are SYF's funky vocals that will no doubt inject life into any party.






Tag(s) : #Tracks, #Rampa, #S.Y.F., #Defected, #2013, #Deep House
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